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Why do you want to be better and have a better life?

How to be a better person? 7 steps to have a better life. How to be the best version of yourself?

These topics are the tendency of the past decades. Everyone talks about becoming a better person, trying to surpass their average, working hard to be healthy, wealthy, be the best, following the millionaires routine, or joining the 5 am club. Not less read a dozen books about self-improvement, self success, personal growth, how to get your best version, and how to have a better life?

To rephrase it, if you want to be better you just have to follow the program “ how to be a better person?” and “how to have a better life?”

Everyone thinks there is a program or a ritual that has to be followed and respected in order to become a better person and have a better life.

However, the better life or the better person is not some kind of recipe, where you have to follow a certain preparation using specific ingredients. We are talking about LIFE.

Before answering these extraordinary questions let’s understand the meaning of “ the better life” since it’s the grammy reward of this whole system. And guess what, there are a whole lot of definitions of this famous “BETTER LIFE” according to some OECD experts.

Nicholas Bridge (Ambassador & Permanent Representative of the UK to the OECD) says – ”It’s about measuring what really matters to people, and making that the central basis for policy.”

Mario Pezzini (OECD Director of the Development Centre) says – ``It means measuring what matters to people's lives and finding the gaps in order to better focus on improving current quality of life while ensuring a sustainable future.”

Conal Smith (OECD Leader on the development of international guidelines on the measurement of subjective well-being) says – “Measuring better lives means choosing to measure those things that we value in order to avoid simply valuing those things that we happen to measure. This implies measuring those aspects of quality of life that are important, not just those that are easiest to quantify.”

Obviously, every person has his own definition of the meaning of a BETTER LIFE so is, for the better person. It defers based on the person, his aspects, his viewpoint, his experiences, his past, environment, religion, culture, and of course it changes with time.

A better life or better person is a unit with infinite dimensions, you can’t just limit it to some rules, ways, steps, or programs you might find on the net.

What works for me to be a better person or to have a better life won’t work for you, or it may! It depends on your situation and circumstance.

Here’s how things are, when you choose to measure the meaning of the better life, you value it on the quality and the quantity aspect, but you will realize that the value of the better life can't be measured at the aspect of the quality and even if it may be easy to value it at the quantity aspect you will try to avoid to measure its value because once you will measure the quantity of its value, the quality of the value itself won't have any value.

For the 21 years old Jason his better life is to graduate college with a great degree, get a successful career with a stable and a considered salary, buy a nice apartment in New work city and be 15 minutes away from his work so he can enjoy his fancy sports car.

For Marilyn, she sees the better life as having her own medical cabin so she can treat her patients with much care and professionalism, enjoy her life with her 2 cats, hang out with her best friends on the weekend, and get married at 30.

Maria’s better life is a loving husband, a loving 3 kids, a cute Chihuahua, a nice house and a mini band, and also having a barbecue party every Sunday with the neighbors.

Jacob defines his better life to overcome his constant anxiety about worrying too much about the future, try to adopt a healthy routine, and quit smoking.

Michael's better life is to see his life and everyone else's life, in harmony and peace. working together to make the world a better place, working on improving ourselves as human beings.

And finally, in case you’re wondering what my better life looks like, well it’s to become financially stable, publish a self-improvement book, help people to simply be grateful for what they have, and be satisfied with what they are.

We have five examples of a better life, every one of them has its own version, and every one of them has chosen that specific better life for a reason. Michael's better life won’t be the better life that Jason wants and needs. Also, you could think that Maria’s better life is a boring life, but for her, it’s the life that she wants and is happy with, she doesn't need to change anything either for you or anyone else. She is the better person she wants to be and has the better life she wants to have. If they think they are better the way they are, all they need is to be who they are. And if they believe they need to be better or to get that best version, will they need to be the best version that suits them and not what suits someone else.

“No one could truly know what it meant to walk in your shoes because only you have walked in them.”

In other words, if you try to measure the value of your better life based on someone else’s better life you may neglect the real value of your better life and you may even follow some better version aspects but it won’t be yours.

Now that you have an idea about the meaning of a better life, you have the vision of the better life you want to have and the better person you want to be. Why don’t you ask yourself a very deep and crucial question? Why do you want to be a better person and why do you want to have a better life?

Let’s say you have an i3 quad-core intel computer, 6Go RAM, 6th generation, 125Go SSD, 256 Go storage and 13” inches screen and after 3 years you realize that you want or need a better computer if you decide that, then you have a reason, you have an answer for your WHY.

Why do you need a better computer? Maybe because you are a holder of the new innovations. Maybe because you do need a better computer for your graphic work. Maybe you want a faster computer with higher performance. Maybe your old computer doesn't function well anymore and you need a new one. Or maybe you’re rich and want to spend your money on something new and better.

The answers to the computer questions weren’t that hard to figure, since it’s an object and it won’t take 3 hours to analyze the situation, nor know the reasons. But it’s not the same thing when it comes to life or the person itself.

If you get back to the previous paragraph you will see that I used two different words in the estimated answers - NEED and WANT - some people need a better computer and others just want a better one.

So you may want to have a better life as you may need a better life but why do you WANT a better life and why do you think you NEED a better life.

People tend to want something better or new when they are no longer satisfied with what they have. And they feel the need to have something new and better when they are at a certain level hurt and damaged by the old thing.

If we try to apply this in life, it reflects like this - you want to have a better life because you’re no longer satisfied with your current life, and you feel that you can have much better. Boredom is also a reason for wanting something new and better and the same for excitement.

As an example let’s take your life and Mathieu's life. Mathieu is the same age as you, and you are friends. Mathieu works as a digital designer in a marketing company and you work as a supervisor of the accounting department you both have a considerable salary, a nice apartment, and a car. Mathieu works 5 days a week, 7 hours a day, there is always new, creative, and challenging work and Mathieu is grateful for what he has. However your work is way stressful, way routinely, you don’t like the shifts at all, and you work extra hours which by the way you hate, above that you have the belief that you deserve better and you want to have a better life. will! something like Mathieu's life.

You are so fascinated with Mathieu's life that you forget the real value of your life, you believe that Mathieu's life is the better life that you desire and you need, you don’t envy Mathieu, maybe you’re jealous and you will try to work harder to have the same life as his, you will ask him for advice, and some typical traits he uses to have his better life. And since you have a big belief that THAT is the BETTER life, you will follow all that Mathieu told you and try every single routine you find on the net to get that BETTER LIFE. Yet after trying everything to have the same life as Mathieu's life aka THE BETTER LIFE, you will realize that it’s not exactly what you want because simply you won’t be satisfied with what you got because it’s not what you really need.

So take a step back and ask yourself again why you think you want a better life?

Some people may want to be better or have a better life simply because they want to; they are ambitious, they are thirsty for more, and sometimes they are greedy. It doesn’t matter the reason they have, what's important is, they have a reason and they manifest based on that strong reason, they don’t have to explain their reasons, for them it’s a fact and they work through it. They know what they want, they know why they want it and they will do whatever it takes to have it and be it.

For others, having a better life and being a better person it’s a need, it’s a necessity, and for sure they will do whatever it takes to make it real and a daily life routine.

The point is, everyone can have a better life and be a better person, there are a million ways to do that, but if you don’t have a reason and a purpose behind that desire don’t bother changing anything because it won’t work.

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