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Be bold and go for it

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If you think you will have a crazy awesome life just by sitting in your place you're wrong. You are scared of what may go wrong if you do something different, hesitating, you run the risk of leading a boring life marked by routine and unfulfilled goals.

Boldness is about stepping up and stepping out onto our “edge” in life – pushing the limits of what we think is possible or appropriate. It’s about living, speaking, and acting in ways that are both courageous and true to who we really are.

Take for example most of the artists, political, and scientists sure they all have some insecurities and they fear something but they succeed and did it awesomely, how do you think they did it? They were bold, and say what the fuck could even happened, they let themselves embarrass change and boldness, accept the fact they could fail, and accept vulnerability, they didn't wait for opportunities to come to them or luck to play the role of a jackpot card, they create that opportunity they made their own luck and they were the jackpot card, it's all on you if you want to do something or be the person you dream of it's YOU who will do that, we are the only responsible for our life, changes and happiness.

“Be the rockstar you want”

People keep saying they want to live a fulfilling life including you and turned your life the way they want, be cool, awesome, and everyone around you will look surprised or like you're some kind of a rock star with a brand new car, surround yourself with sexy girls, full pocket with hundreds of dollars, so if you really want that then I have the right advice for you be fucking bold and go for it.

If you like someone, gathers your courage up and ask him for a date, if you want a promotion and deserve it ask your boss for it firmly if you want to do something crazy and different like jumping from a helicopter do it - just don't forget your parachute, just live your life the way you dream of, don't think about it and just do it, what worst could happen getting rejected or fail, so what we all have to grow up and life goes on.

What holds us from being bold is fear of change and trying new things, but if you want to change your life and be the best version of yourself you have to start with small changes like the way you dress, the way you do your hair, or the places you go to, new things encourage you to do more, learn more, meet new people with different interests that you can learn from them, you will know more about yourself, about what you want and what you need in your life, just step out and do.

If you don't know how to do that exactly and how to be some hell of a bold person, then pretend that you are another person who's bold, fearless, some kind of a superhero of your own, if you have a lack of confidence and think people will think you are a weirdo then be a crazy, weird superhero like a Deadpool, how cares it's your life and you live for your own existence, go somewhere that people don't know you and won't act much surprised when you do things that are out of character.

Go through the motions and see what happens, you might discover that amazing things happen when you're bold, and you might be convinced to carry this bold behavior into your everyday life.

“Stand up. Face the new day. Reach a little farther. Do what you fear you can’t do. Be bold”
Richelle E. Goodrich

Make the first move is the key to boldness, there is a trick that I do every time I hesitate about something, I count 60 seconds and pretend I got out of the James Bond movie and go for it do what I have to do, so whenever you feel like hesitating to do something, dress the character skin, be bold, confidante, forget about the world and everyone, forget about their reaction, and make your move, people will definitely be surprised and you have my guarantee you’ll get what you want.

You will be unpredictable and people are curious by nature about everything that is different, unpredictable, and mysterious. At some point people will always want to know more, to know what’s next, you will cut their interest. Maybe some will think that you're reckless in some situations, but there is a difference between being bold and being reckless.

Reckless people don't accept risks… they don't even think about them. A bold person, on the other hand, is well aware of the risks and has decided to go through with the decision anyway, ready and willing to accept the consequences if things don't work out.

Boldness shows you the right path to discover who you really are, what you need in life and what you want to be exactly, do things with passion and not just because someone does that, do what you're passionate about and what you believe it identifies you, it's all in you and everything you do it's your responsibility.

Don't wait for someone to show you what you want, what you need, or how to do it. Discover what makes you different and then parade it around for all to see. Put flags on it, call attention to it, accept and love yourself and your uniqueness no matter what others think, even if you’re weirdly different, make it work for you. That is the heart of boldness.

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